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  • Diarra Smith

    Diarra Smith

    Insight, financial, funding and investment strategy programmes for SMEs. Into the future of work, experiences of queer black business leaders & house dance!

  • Keji Mustapha

    Keji Mustapha

    Head of Network, Brand & Culture Ops @ Connect Ventures #whereproductfoundersfit. Lover of start-ups, appreciator of culture, food & travel...

  • Sebastien Toupy

    Sebastien Toupy

    Community builder, Storyteller & strategist. I have a real passion for startups, technology, and social impact. Discovering the world one bite at a time #foodie

  • Femstreet


    Where women in tech lead, shape and fund the future. | by @SarahNoeckel



    Our mission is to elevate the understanding of the VCs methods through practice to help better raise and better invest.

  • Vincent Touati-Tomas

    Vincent Touati-Tomas

    Getting things said at @NorthzoneVC

  • Rachel Grahame

    Rachel Grahame

    People practitioner, hiring specialist, dog enthusiast. Manager, Firm Operations at Backed VC since 2018.

  • Veronika Patkai

    Veronika Patkai

    Associate Partner at Antler | Early Stage VC

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