with Joanna Lord, former CMO of SkyScanner and ClassPass

We were delighted to have Joanna Lord lead two sessions with our portfolio companies as part of our Northzone Operator Workshop series. Joanna has a wealth of marketing experience in industry-leading tech companies such as Skyscanner, ClassPass and Porch and also advises early-stage companies on all things marketing, strategy, growth, and brand.

The focus of the first workshop, tailored to our seed companies, was around Brand Marketing and how to maximise impact on a budget. Lesson number one: it’s never too early to invest in brand! Joanna helped demystify a variety…

with Ross Seychell Chief People Officer at Personio and Northzone portfolio advisor

Here at Northzone, we believe that world-class operators can play an invaluable role in supporting founding teams on their journey. As part of our Portfolio Operator Series, we recently welcomed Ross Seychell, CPO at Personio and Northzone advisor, on the topic of Designing Organisations that scale. We are sharing below some of his insights:

🚨Spoiler alert 🚨: turns out the topic of organisational design is way more than structures, org charts and names in boxes

How can we better define organisational design?

Organisational design is the systematic thinking, planning, alignment and execution on how you evolve your company. …

Here at Northzone we understand that an early-stage founder’s role is both visionary & strategic as well as practical & tactical, combined (and often all-at-once!).

As a result, we are actively building an Operator Network that can help our companies’ with what they are tackling, whether that’s a day-to-day functional question or a new, big picture creative idea.

Having worked in both an expert network, where investors get access to dynamic, transactional insights at their fingertips, as well as in a private equity firm where the value-added model is based on more in-depth and ongoing mentorship, I believe that fast-growth…

We recently hosted a virtual sharing session with ~15 People Leads: here is what we learned

If there was ever a time to acknowledge how important and valuable People Leads can be to an organisation, it really doesn’t get more obvious than now.

Last week, we hosted a virtual sharing session with ~15 leaders from a number of portfolio companies — including Aidence, Anyfin, Disperse, Graphy, NA-KD, Personio, Spacemaker, Truelayer, Trustpilot, Wagestream and Zopa — who are all working hard to support employees and navigate their organisations during these surreal and challenging times.

Here are a few topics on their…

An old post from September 2019 stuck in my drafts

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

It’s safe to say I grew up in a divided household. A happy household…but definitely divided in terms of politics and social views. My dad has always been a rational businessman believing in everything meritocratic. Meanwhile, my mum is a left-leaning hippy social worker, who has always measured success in terms of “people helped” or “lives impacted”. As a result, there were numerous heated discussions over the years — was Thatcher a milk snatcher or the best thing that happened to corporate Britain? …

Elena Pantazi

Head of Operations and People @Northzone

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